Explore Our Efficient Cleaning Processes

Our process includes cleaning the inside and outside of your bin(s).


Positioning the Bins


Load the Bins


High-Pressure Cleaning Process


Final Result – Blazing Clean Bins!


High-Pressure Cleaning

Manual cleaning with a hose not only requires 15 times the water than a professional high-pressure system it is also ineffective at killing microorganisms. Wasting water will increase both your water bill and your carbon footprint.

Our cleaning system is not only eco-friendly, but we also use natural solvents that kill 99% of all known fungi, germs, and viruses. The cleaning agents we use are all EPA compliant, and we always recycle all the water we use.

Our system is 100% eco-friendly and uses self-contained cleaning equipment that collects all of the wastewater and chemicals to avoid it running off into the stormwater drain. Also, all the chemicals in the degreasers and soaps don't go back into your local ecosystem. Plus, all wastewater is disposed of safely at a locally approved treatment facility. This is better for your neighbors and local plant and animal life.